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Aarohi is an organization for rural development that aims to respond to the needs of the people of Kumaon. The word ‘Aarohi’ means ascendance or growth: the growth of thought, creativity and harmony… It was with this inspiring thought that Aarohi was established in 1992 with a vision to create ‘an equitable society’.

Nestled in the picturesque village of Satoli, the organization’s current efforts are focused in health, education, and livelihoods, with a history of also having worked in forestry. Women and children are at the heart of its integrated development work. The livelihoods initiative has its genesis in the effort to create supplementary means of income for communities of Rural Kumaon.

Cold pressed Apricot Oil extracted from the kernel that part of the fruit which was considered waste was intended to serve as crop insurance for the subsistence farmer. This oil forms the base of the extended body care range including scrubs, creams and soaps.

Alongside, the body care products, dried culinary herbs also forms part of the range of products, as the quality of herbs grown in the mountains was found to be significantly better than those of the plains.

The Livelihoods initiative functions as a small scale rural enterprise, with no external funding and helps to raise funds for the organization’s welfare activities. Today, this initiative is supporting more than 1,800 farmers from over 200 villages in the Kumaon and Garhwal Himalayas.


DevBhumi is a producers company promoted by AT India which produces Certified Organic Honey, Special Grade Honey, Litchi Honey, along with Oak Tasar silk woven products. Currently DevBhumi works with 45 different buyers around India, including Himjoli, Fab India & Handloom and Handicrafts commission of India.

DevBhumi Natural Products Producers Company (DNPPCL) is a producers company owned by rural producers, primarily rural women of Uttarakhand. Currently about 4000 rural producers are shareholders and DNPPCL procures from about 8000 rural producers. DNPPCL board has a mix of professionals and rural producers and is also guided by an advisory committee comprising of professionals from the industry and from the development sector.

DNPPCL’s field operations are based in Garhwal region of Uttrakhand and operates in five districts of Garhwal namely: Rudraprayag, Chamoli, Tehri, Pauri and Uttarkashi. DevBhumi has production operations in all the above-mentioned districts with a regional office in Guptkashi (in Rudraprayag district) and marketing and processing facilities in Dehradun’ Uttarakhand.

SOS Organics

SOS Organics based in Chitai Pant village near Almora in Kumaon seeks to implement socially, economically and environmentally sustainable projects that preserve the resources and cultures of the Himalaya. By integrating the needs of both people and the environment, the aim is to holistically develop the region’s potentials. Areas for focus include organic farming, waste management, biodiversity, reforestation, water management, education and food.

SOS Organics makes a wide range of natural cosmetics, organic health foods, herbal teas, seasonings and beeswax candles. All SOS Organics products are made from crops that are completely rain fed, chemical free and using natural farming and sustainable agricultural techniques.

SOS presently works on innovative natural farming intervention, research and development of super foods, traditional knowledge of herbs and plants and an extended apprenticeship program.

Gauri International

Gauri International, based in Dehradun produces aloe vera gel and a wide range of handknitted products. Gauri’s mission is working towards giving the faceless and nameless homemakers a sense of dignity. These women are the backbone of their homes but are not given their due for taking care of the family.

To enhance their self-esteem, a group of 45 women have been imparted training in the home grown skill of knitting & crochet which they practice in their free time. After doing a few easy items they slowly graduated to more intricate items. The yarn used is acrylic wool & natural dyed pure wool.

A different group of women and their families are trained in the process of extracting gel from aloe vera plants and purifying it to make our very popular cream. These items are retailed at Himjoli outlets and in exhibitions.

Him Nectar Foods

Him Nectar Foods sources farm fresh produce, adding value eschewing artificial preservatives, colours and flavors to all its products. The local community is involved at each step-from purchase of fruits and other ingredients to manufacturing and marketing. The revenue is ploughed back to support organic farming, education and healthcare projects in the Himalayan region.

Himalayan Action Research Group (HARC)

Himalayan Action Research Group or ‘HARC’ works primarily in the Garhwal region. HARC products are a perfect blend of goodness of nature, fine taste & ethnicity. They are manufactured & packaged in the pristine Himalayan environs of Chamoli district in the state of Uttarakhand.

Every product of the line is known for its superior quality, original taste & health benefits. More info about the social work of HARC is available at  

Organic Garhwall

Organic Garhwall is an initiative to promote the traditional farming practices prevailing in the Garhwal region of Uttarakhand. The brand Organic Garhwall covers wide range of organic products grown by the micro farmers of Himalayas.


Uttaransh is a collaborative effort involving farmers & beekeepers coming together to produce raw floral honey, cold-pressed oils and Badri cow ghee as per natural forms of agriculture.

Himalayan Farmtrail

Himalayan Farmtrail is based out of Central Himalayas we craft unique recipes with the fruits, seeds & millets of the region. All products are non-gmo and chemical free.

Old Hill Foods

Old Hill Foods is a cheese manufacturing unit based in Mukteshwar, Uttarakhand in the central Himalayan region of India. They make artisan cheese varieties with locally sourced Himalayan milk using traditional age-old European techniques. Since inception, their goal is to create a sustainable and socially responsible enterprise making the best quality artisan cheese in India, whilst providing employment to people from below poverty line households. They are a fair trade organization offering fair wages to our staff and fair price for milk to the households from where it is procured.

The milk for Old Hill Cheese comes from Badri and Jersey cows in the Mukteshwar region of Himalayas. The milk is sourced from rural households that keep one to three cows under their care. It is collected every day from village collection centres from about 300 households. They offer a higher price for milk than the local co-operative to these households around 90% of which are living under the poverty line.


Empowering women farmers Trishulii has a variety of Himalayan pulses, spices & grains grown naturally in the hills of Uttarakhand. Whenever you buy Triushulii’s homegrown pulses, grains & spices, you commit to a healthy lifestyle, you enjoy the richness & taste of organic hills on your palates & you become a part of our sustainable livelihood version.

Soumya Foods

Founded by the ‘Mushroom lady of Uttarakhand’, Divya Rawat, her social innovation to foster mushroom helps bring livelihood opportunities to Uttarakhand


Hand knitted toys



Himjoli has a transactional relationship with another 8 groups in Uttarakhand who make a range of handicrafts and traditional products primarily for the festive Diwali season.