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Corporate India & Himjoli

At Himjoli, we have 4 ways of engaging with Corporate India.

  1. Set up a stall in your office: If you support CSR and believe in our products and mission, please send us an invite to come to your premises and conduct an exhibition cum sale of our products. Whether it is during the festive season or whether as an exclusive CSR drive on special days, we will be more than happy to partner with you. 
  1. Corporate Gifting: We have a large line of corporate gifts and would love an opportunity to meet your team and discuss the possibilities of using Himjoli’s gifting range – whether it is for your employees, your valued customers or for your key trade, we have gifts available that are innovative, customized and offer value-for-money. Contact us to know more
  1. Get Involved: We have several initiatives being run by our partners which would benefit from your involvement through your CSR channels. Building schools, building toilet blocks, helping in re-forestation through tree planting programs, helping in easier access to medical care, helping create jobs by capacity building and helping build a robust alternative energy model; there is a lot to do in Uttarakhand for corporate truly wanting to engage in community owned projects. Some successful examples of our partnership with corporate India, is our work with EY and with Trilegal.
  1. Volunteering: Volunteer with us or our partners. We need graphic artists, social media experts, at home mothers, photographers, marketers and sales professionals and all kinds of innovators with varied skills. There are also opportunities in education; healthcare and natural resource management with our partners in Uttarakhand. We are currently working with EY and Trilegal on two long term community programs in the Nainital district.

EY and Himjoli

5000 trees planted, 5000 bottles of apricot and plum jam produced by the mountain communities of Kumaon, Uttarakhand for EY. The relationship between EY and Himjoli was borne out of a desire to give back, to engage meaningfully with the community and EY’s commitment to take action to be a part of the solution.

A year later EY has committed to plant 1,00,000 trees in the largely denuded areas of the Almora District in Kumaon, Uttarakhand. This is being done with Himjoli’s partners Grassroots and Chirag, organisations that have been working to restore community forests for almost two decades. This is not only an endeavour to offset their carbon footprint but in working closely with the communities through Grassroots and Chirag,

EY is also creating opportunities for their employees to be a part of the restoration effort.Groups of employees are spending their weekends understanding the challenges faced by the communities and the environmental impact of their efforts in the mountains.

Trilegal and Himjoli

One of the leading law firms in the country, Trilegal has partnered with Himjoli to develop an ongoing volunteer programme for its employees in the mountains of Kumaon, Uttarakhand.

Extensive visits to villages in these areas repeatedly drew Trilegal to the issue of school dropouts amongst girls post Class VI. Shockingly, the reason was a lack of water in the toilets in schools.

Trilegal has committed to providing rain water harvesting and toilet facilities in 25 schools of the Gagas river basin region over a five year programme. This will result in 15000 children staying in school purely because of access to sanitation facilities.

To further cement their bond with the region, the firm will also lease land from the local community to build a home stay facility made from local materials, based on appropriate technologies. This will be used by Trilegal employees when they volunteer their time to help build the rain water harvesting facilities and toilet blocks for the village schools. The home stay will be a source of income for the local community as they will rent it out as well. Ownership of the home will remain with the community.This project is being spearheaded by Himjoli’s partners Grassroots, an organisation that has been working to restore community forests for almost two decades.