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Gourmet Selection Hamper #2 with Coffee Mocha Chocolate Bar

Gourmet Selection Hamper #2 with Coffee Mocha Chocolate Bar (Delivery in Delhi/NCR only)

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This premium gourmet hamper has the finest selection of chocolates and healthy food bites.

It includes:

  • Coffee Mocha Chocolate Bar (50 grams) - Coffee, chocolate and milk come together to create a rich and decadent chocolate reminiscent of the best cups of Coffee Mocha.

    Mocha, a city in Yemen was once the center of coffee trade. A comforting beverage combining coffee and chocolate gained its name from this ancient city. Our Arabica coffee – a complex and layered coffee from Kerala is what defines the chocolate. It is combined with our cacao beans and milk to create the smooth Coffee Mocha – a resurrection of the old city in the modern world.

    Ingredients: Organic cocoa beans, Chikmagalur Arabica coffee, Organic free range Gir cow milk, Organic raw cane sugar, Organic unrefined cocoa butter, Spices

    Allergen Info: Free of soy, gluten, artificial colours, flavours, preservatives and lecithin
  • 70% Dark – Pollachi, Tamil Nadu – Chocolate Bar (50 grams) - Small batch dark chocolate created from 70% Single origin cacao beans from Pollachi in Tamil Nadu. Flavour notes of wood apple, berries and tobacco.

    The beans come from a private estate in Pollachi, Tamil Nadu. They are grown in the shade of coconut and banana trees which are intercropped with nutmeg and vanilla. This bean is smaller and more delicate than most other beans. We roast them at low temperatures and combine them with cane sugar to deepen the subtle flavours. We taste strong notes of wood apple and nuances of coconuts and black raspberries and tobacco.

    Ingredients: Organic cocoa beans, Organic raw cane sugar

    Allergen Info: Vegan and free of soy, gluten, dairy, artificial colours, flavours, preservatives and lecithin
  • Honey Dipped Walnut (370 grams) - Roasted wild walnut granules with pure Himalayan honey. 
  • Fruit N' Bites (150 grams) - All natural trail mix with 100% real dehydrated fruits. Gluten free. No added sugar. No preservatives. No sulphites.

    Fruit N' Bites is a handcrafted healthy snack made of organically grown fruits soured from the micro farmers of Kumaon.

    Selective fruit varieties are handpicked & gently dehydrated below 50 degrees celsius to preserve the nutrients/minerals.

    This process gives our product a unique and distinct flavour. The colour & texture of the fruit varies and is completely natural as no sulphur, sugars or preservatives have been added to enhance the appearance or taste.

    Raisins & chocolate covered almonds provide a quick energy boost and a tasty crunch.

    Ingredients: Apples, Pears, Apricots, Raisins & Chocolate Almond Bites.
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