DevBhumi Story of Tasar Silk

DevBhumi Natural Products Producers Company Ltd.

Brief Intro

DevBhumi is the producers company promoted by AT India which supplies Certified Organic Honey, Special Grade Honey, Litchi Honey, and in High end Packaging, along with Oak Tasar silk, one of our highest selling product.

DevBhumi Natural Products Producers Company (DNPPCL) is a producers company owned by rural producers primarily rural women of Uttarakhand. Currently about 4000 rural producers are shareholders and DNPPCL procures from about 8000 rural producers. DNPPCL board has a mix of professionals and rural producers and is also guided by an advisory committee comprising of professionals from the industry and from the development sector. DNPPCL’s field operations are based in Garhwal region of Uttrakhand and operate in five districts of Garhwal namely: Rudraprayag, Chamoli, Tehri, Pauri and Uttarkashi.

DevBhumi has production operations in all the above-mentioned districts with a regional office in Guptkashi (in Rudraprayag district) and marketing and processing facilities in Dehradun, Uttarakhand.

Tasar Silk

DevBhumi oak forest silk production in the Garhwal Himalayas started as an idea in conservation. The idea was promote livelihoods through using forest resources without destroying the trees. The income from oak sericulture became an economic incentive for the local community to contribute to the conservation of a region listed on the World Wildlife funds Global 200, a Biodiversity hot spot list.

DevBhumi oak forest silk is produced from silk worms that feed on oak leaves from the high altitude forests of the Gharwal Himalayas in Uttaranchal state, India. The silk cocoons produced are hand spun or reeled into fine silk yarn by village women. The silk also blended with high quality natural wool fiber by traditional weavers of the region. DevBhumi oak forest silk is a temperate tasar silk that is distinctive in look and feel from mulberry silk. Oak tasar silk is highly textured durable and has a range of natural colors from off-white to golden yellow.

At present, more than 3000 Women and Men gain seasonal and year round employment from silk cocoon rearing, spinning, reeling and weaving.

DevBhumi Oak forest silk is unique because it combines the softness and sheen of silk with the warmth of wool making it ideal for stoles, shawls, muffler and ready-mades for the winter season.

The benefit from the sale of these products goes to the silk producers and other members of Himalayan village communities. These villagers have planted over 2.63 million oak saplings till date to make DevBhumi oak silk cultivation environmentally sustainable.

As you drape yourself in this beautifully woven, soft and warm DevBhumi oak forest silk you will enjoy the satisfaction that you are helping to preserve some of the most beautiful oak forests the western Indian Himalayas.